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All About Pilonidal Sinus

All About Pilonidal Sinus

A pilonidal sinus may be a sinus tract that commonly contains hairs. It occurs under your skin between your buttocks (the natal cleft) a brief distance above your back passage (anus). The sinus tract goes in a vertical direction between your buttocks. Rarely, a pilonidal sinus occurs in other sites of your body.


Roughly estimated, 4 in 10 people have a recurrent pilonidal sinus. You’ll develop some pain which is smaller amount intense than the acute symptoms. Usually, the sinus discharges some pus. This releases the pressure then the pain tends to ease off and not become severe. However, the infection never clears completely. This will mean that the symptoms of pain and discharge can last long-term, or flare up from time to time until the sinus is treated by an operation.


You may develop increasing pain and swelling over a variety of days as a ball of pus with surrounding skin infection (an infected abscess) develops in and around the sinus. this will become very painful and tender.

Best treatment

Excision and first closure. This suggests removing the section of skin which contains the sinus. This is often done by ablation of an oval-shaped (ellipse) flap of skin on either side of the sinus, which takes the sinus. The 2 sides of the ellipse are then stitched together. The advantage for this is often that, if successful, the wound heals quite quickly. The danger of a recurrence or of developing a wound infection after the operation is above with the above procedure. This risk could also be reduced by employing a wound technique during which the road of stitches is moved far away from between the buttocks. For better information, contact for the best pilonidal sinus treatment in Indore.

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