Fistula Treatment in Indore: Post Fistula Procedure Care Tips ...

Post Fistula Procedure Care Tips

Post Fistula Procedure Care Tips

Depending on the situation, symptoms vary and while some minor fistulas are often treated with antibiotics, many require surgical intervention. This typically involves a fistulotomy, which may be a procedure that exposes the fistula to permit it to heal properly.

Warm sitz baths:

A hip bath may be a shallow bath in a warm or predicament that cleanses the perineum. These can help ease discomfort, and within the early stages, you would possibly want to require several each day or after each movement. If you don’t have a shower or are traveling, you’ll use a hip bath seat. This cleverly fits over your seat so you merely add the water and sit in it.

Pre-prep a kit:

Once you are feeling confident enough to venture out and about, pack a supply kit to affect any fistula-related emergencies. Getting back to normal is vital so I used to be ready to return to figure after a couple of weeks and take short car journeys.

Be patient:

Fistula surgery could also be a minor procedure, but patience is certainly required for the recovery process. you would possibly find that your wound drains for weeks after surgery because it is going to be left hospitable to aid healing.

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