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Rectal Prolapse and its Diagnoses

Rectal Prolapse and its Diagnoses

Rectal prolapse takes place whilst the rectum (the bottom a part of the massive intestine) protrudes thru the anus. Rectal prolapse can be partial or whole. A partial prolapse approaches simplest the internal lining of the rectum (referred to as the mucosa) protrudes from the anus, generally with the aid of using only some centimeters, it will help you a lot.  A whole prolapse includes all layers of the rectum.

If you’ve got rectal prolapse, you can be aware of a lump sticking out of your anus. In its early stages, the lump might also additionally simplest be seen whilst you poo, however, as the situation progresses, you can be aware of a lump: 

  • frequently 
  • When you sneeze or cough 
  • When you’re strolling or status 
  • Every time

Other signs of rectal prolapse include:  

  • Difficulty in bowel motion 
  • Feeling that your stool has now no longer popped out even after having a bowel motion. 
  • mucus or blood coming out of your anus 
  • Slow passage of stable or liquid stools out of your anus (incontinence) – common

How is rectal prolapse diagnosed or analyzed?

In maximum cases, a physician can diagnose rectal prolapse via way of means of searching at your anus. 

 If the physician can’t see the lump as it has moved lower back inside your body, they’ll ask you to squat or take a seat down in the restroom to search for the lump. Make sure to consult the best piles doctor in Indore. You can also affirm the diagnosis. These might also additionally include:

  • MRI scan
  • colonoscopy
  • sigmoidoscopy
  • barium enema
  • X-ray

And many other technical analysis.

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