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Everything You Need to Know About Pilonidal Sinus and its Treatment:


Pilonidal sinus is a symptom which happens in the lower back or at the buttocks of the human body. It is a small hole or tunnel which is formed on the skin and generally gets filled with fluid and pus, which later transforms into a cyst or abscess. A pilonidal sinus or cyst can be formed up due to the accumulation of dust, hair or other impurities. If it is not detected at an early stage, it may cause infection and severe pain.

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Symptoms of Pilonidal Sinus:

If you are feeling these symptoms often, then you might be affected with pilonidal sinus.

  • High temperature
  • Pus running through the lump hair of your buttock area
  • Bleeding from the sinus on your lower back
  • Bulges under the skin, specially at the buttock area

Causes of Pilonidal Sinus:

There may be a number of causes for which pilonidal sinus may form on your body.

  • Due to physical deformities in the anal and lower back area
  • Unnatural extension of hair shafts in the aforesaid area
  • Broken hair follicle that gets penetrated in that area
  • Extended stress on your lower back (especially if you have a desk job where you do not have to get up frequently)
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How can it be Cured?

If you want to cure your pilonidal sinus difficulty, then you may opt for the modern laser treatment. It does not penetrate your skin, treats the difficulties with precision. It is also free of any kinds of side effects to your skin. You can be assured that the pilonidal sinus would not affect you again once removed.

Laser Pilonidal Sinus Plasty:

Contrary to conventional methods, the laser treats pilonidal sinuses in depth, It is literally a non-invasive, completely painless, and very therapeutic effect to the laser that contributes noticeably to the spectacular healing of pilonidal cyst disease. The laser removes inflammable structures and sinuses. The removal of the pilonidal sinus with this laser-surgical technique takes approximately 30 minutes in most cases

When we use laser sinuses, collateral damage is minimal. The healing process is thus quicker, easier and mostly without any pain.

In the treatment of complete healing and restoration of pilonidal cyst there is no serious risk of recurrence. Recurrences are rare. Laser surgery is clearly better compared to other surgical procedures.

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Dr. Nilesh Kumar Dehariya is a senior laser Proctologist consultant in Indore with an experience of more than 18+ years, Dr. Dehariya performed all types of major surgeries including laparoscopic general surgery &  reconstructive surgery.

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