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STARR Procedure & Constipation

STARR Procedure & Constipation

Slow transit constipation refers to the impaired ability of the colon to maneuver fecal material around the bowel, which ends up in infrequent bowel motions. Obstructed defecation syndrome (ODS) is the normal desire to defecate, but an impaired ability to evacuate the rectum. Radiological evidence suggests ODS is usually related to rectoceles, rectal intussusception, and mucosal prolapse. Experience advanced Starr Procedure for Rectal Prolapse Treatment in Indore. Expert care for lasting relief.

STARR is typically suitable for patients with rectoceles, rectal intussusception, mucosal prolapse, or any combination of the above. It is usually performed under general anesthesia, with patients being fit to discharge the subsequent day. Transanal insertion of a stapling instrument to respect the lower 4–5cm of the rectum alongside any associated rectocele, intussusception, or mucosal prolapse. 

Existing evidence of efficacy is restricted to a small number of clinical trials. Evidence in favor of the procedure is rapidly accumulating; data suggest approximately 80 percent of appropriately selected patients experience a big clinical benefit of STARR. 

Constipation in middle-aged and older women may be a common and sometimes embarrassing condition. It’s thought that approximately 15 percent of adult women experience symptoms of constipation. Stay connected for Starr procedure rectal prolapse treatment in Indore.

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