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घरेलू नुस्ख़ों से पायें बवासीर से राहत — Home Remedies for Piles in Hindi

घरेलू नुस्ख़ों से पायें बवासीर से राहत — Home Remedies for Piles in Hindi

बवासीर क्या है – What is Piles (Hemorrhoids बवासीर (Piles) सबसे ज़्यादा भयावह रोग है| बवासीर से ग्रसित व्यक्ति को गुदा मार्ग में कई सारे मस्सों का निर्माण हो जाने के कारण दर्दनाक परिस्थितियों से गुज़रना पड़ता है| पाचन विकार बवासीर…

How to Cure Piles at Home

How to Cure Piles at Home

Piles is a very common disease that can even become the reason for sarcasm but gives severe pain and discomfort to the person at the same time, thus this is a serious disease that should not be taken lightly. You…

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Dr. Nilesh Kumar Dehariya is a senior laser Proctologist consultant in Indore with an experience of more than 18+ years, Dr. Dehariya performed all types of major surgeries including laparoscopic general surgery &  reconstructive surgery.

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