Pilonidal Sinus Treatment in Indore: Pilonidal Sinus Aftercare ...

Pilonidal Sinus Aftercare

Pilonidal Sinus Aftercare

Pilonidal sinus is also known as the jeep rider’s back problem. The problem was first recorded on a large scale during world war II in the soldiers who rode jeeps and motorbikes frequently. Though, the reason behind the occurrence of the issue is unknown. It is believed that growing hairs and hairs penetrating the skin are the leading cause. The problem is more common in people who have hairy skin.

Prevent stuck hair:

Sometimes loose hair from the head lodges between the buttocks. Before getting out of the shower, the last thing you should do is rinse out that area to ensure it is free from soap and hair.

Pressure off pain:

Continue to keep pressure off your tailbone. Limit sitting for long periods. Change your position regularly. Limit driving while you are still healing. Discuss the products you may use to help prevent further ingrown hairs from developing with your doctor. 

Keep your expert close:

Once damaged, the skin will never wholly regain all the ability to stretch that it had before. A slight swelling under a scar may indicate that some fluid has built up due to minor damage or injury. See your doctor if you are concerned. 

For pilonidal sinus treatment in Indore, reach out to us.

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